TV star Mishal Raheja, who has been part of many TV shows like Kumkum Bhagya, Laagi Tujhse Lagan and Love Story has become a singer with his new single ‘Sara Google’. Interestingly, Mishal has also produced and acted in the single ‘Sara Google’.

‘Sara Google’ song has already generated more then 1 million views in just 15 days.

Talking about the views ‘Sara Google’ generating Mishal Raheja said, ” It’s definitely a higher power involved here (he laughs). I myself was not expecting this milestone to be crossed but it happened. Initially, I was scared as I waited a day or two to start publicity and or work for the song. Hence the start was slow. Hence the scare.”

“But as soon as digital media, tv and print got my news of ‘Sara Google’. People started getting aware about it n after a day n a half we suddenly started again, slowly but surely 😁 It’s still not sunk into my mind and heart that we’ve crossed a small milestone although it was our very first project. ‘Mango Lake Pictures’ is a newborn baby but a somewhat healthy baby I may say (he laughs).” Mishal added.

Mishal Raheja

When we asked Mishal Raheja how we got into singing, he said, “This was my first time as a singer and I was a bit nervous. It was my guru Tridib Roy Choudhury, who composed the song and thought I should sing. I heard the song for the first time in London and it matched the kind of situation in my life right now.”

Mishal Raheja

Reveling about producing the single Mishal Raheja said, “It was the toughest job because you have to bring creative people together. It was a beautiful learning experience and it is a romantic number. There are plans to do a second single, too. Sanjay F Gupta, the popular director of Photography of many Bollywood Films and music videos has directed the single. Sanjay had earlier directed the popular song Jalwa. He has taken my production levels and standards much higher by being a part of it.”

Mishal Raheja

The single is produced by Mango Lake Pictures. All Mishal’s fans can look forward to his new single which received a great response.