Sophie Choudry, the stunning pop diva is back as she made a big announcement today. She is all set to release her first Punjabi collaboration, Ajj Naiyo Sauna (No sleep) with the smash hit Manj Musik of RDB. With epic songs like Saddi Galli, Whistle Baja, Aaha Mahi and have produced Hughkrated Gabru, Manj has produced and featured in Sophie’s new song.

They had a team from Estonia and the UK shoot the video, Rocky S has styled it and the hugely popular social media sensations Piyush Bhagat and Shazia Samji have choreographed it.

Set to be a fun party anthem Sophie says “it was so awesome collaborating with Manj and singing in Punjabi while keeping the song in my space. At a time when every song is a remix, something I’ve been hugely successful with in the past, it’s really important to come up with original pop songs too and this one is a banger.”

Manj Musik
Manj Musik

Manj Musik said “Sophie is the Indian jlo.. a fabulous singer performer and this collaboration was really exciting for me. People are gonna love seeing her on screen again and our Jodi is super fresh!” Sophie has also recorded with the lambherghini hit makers Doorbeen and is also working on a 3rd song!! “I left a long gap between my last one and this song but no longer. I’m ready to reclaim my unique space!” From seeing the first look, We are already getting no sleep just thinking about how hot this video is going to be!!!!