The actor puts out an emotional video on social media, requests fathers to spend more time with their daughters to celebrate the loving bond.

We all know Anil Kapoor as one of the finest actors in the industry who has entertained us for more than 40 years with his talent and exceptional films. But what we have rarely noticed is the great bond that he shares with his children.

The 60-year-old dad took to Twitter to share a beautiful video depicting the beauty of Father-Daughter relationship and urged all parents to celebrate Daughter’s day which is today, i.e Sunday 24th September, by expressing love towards their beloved princesses.

The doting dad shared the video on his social media handles yesterday, stating how the video brought back some beautiful moments he has shared with his daughters! 

Anil Kapoor on his Twitter and Facebook page –

While there are many ways through which Fathers & Daughters bond with one another – having a heart to heart conversation over a champi, is a refreshing new take on strengthening their relationship 

The loving bond that a father and daughter share, builds lifelong and loving memories and Anil Kapoor’s heartfelt message for his daughters through the video, sure manages to tug the right chords of our heart. 

We wish all daughters out there a great Daughter’s day and urge all fathers to not make just this day but each day a special one for their daughters.