After the success of his last two singles, Teri Meri Kahani and Sang Hoon Tere Bhuvan treats his audience with his third single ‘Safar’. His previous songs Teri Meri Kahani has got 11 million and Sang Hoon Tere has got over 9 million views only on YouTube.

The music video of Safar is shot by director of Haramkhor, Shlok Sharma. It is shot across picturesque locations in Kerala, and it features the pleasing backwaters.

The video features a story of an artist who takes a road less traveled and where the artist goes and meets his fans in the video.

Bhuvan is India biggest content creator and is a passionate singer as well, he has got over 1 billion streams on his videos.

Bhuvan took to his social media and posted the video link and captioned it,

Bhuvan had mentioned in many of his interviews and on stage that he loves music and wants to make a career in it.

All of his songs have an emotional story to tell.