Anuj Sachdeva is known for his work in shows like Swaragini – Jodein Rishton Ke Sur, Sabki Laadli Bebo and also films like Delhi Geights, Haani, Hawaa Hawaai, Police in Pollywood, Love Shagun.  Anuj had also experimented by working in web series like Breathe, Bin Bulaye Mehmaan and The Reunion as Dev and he is also doing shot video for Filter Copy.

Talking about beautifully conceptualized video for Filter Copy Anuj Sachdeva said, “The video is called ‘Dil Ki Suno Stories 2.0’ which is about this couple from today’s time and about the complexities we witness in a relationship, especially for the woman who is working.”

“In today’s time, career is really important for both men and women but still there are more hindrances for a woman and the choices that she has to make. For instance, even if she is independent, she has to make various choices when she is asked to get married. So, that’s one question which is very relatable for every woman.” Anuj added.


It is always important to find out solution or at list try to get solved the problem. Anuj Sachdeva also believes in same thing that why he is part of this lovely shot video.

While reveling more about ‘Dil Ki Suno Stories 2.0’ Anuj said, “This short video revolves around her trying to figure out the choices she has to make, how her profession impacts the relationship, etc. and here is where we leave it to the audience to decide. My character’s name is Udit and I enjoyed shooting with them. I am working with them for the fourth time and it’s fun to do them because everyone can relate to these stories kyunki ki yeh aaj ki stories hai.”