Debut director of GANÍT Prem R Soni collaborates with Virender Arora and Ishwar Kapoor who have backed content-driven films that have been making a difference and carrying a social message through the medium of movies like Toilet Ek Prem Katha, Rustom, Padman, Pari, and Fanney Khan for his film release.

Movies that are surrounded by a social message that can change the world to become a better place is special. Talking about the film director said, “Ganit is one such story that is inspired by a true incident and very special to me. I have been living with this story since the beginning of my career and always wanted this to be my first film.”

The film shooting will be finish by the end of this year, it’s capturing the winter and the look and feel of the spiritual land in India, Varanasi.

Prem R Soni director of Ganit
Prem R Soni director of Ganit

GANÍT director Prem R Soni also added, “Aiming at a release in June 2019, I am looking forward to our association with Virender Arora and Ishwar Kapoor along with Kashish Khan production and Purplebull entertainment that will take the legacy ahead of backing content-driven films with a heart warming message.”

Is it Karma that makes the Kundali or is it Kundali that makes one’s karma is the essence of “karmon ka lekha ya hathon ki rekha hai GANÍT”