It has been one of the pioneers of the Indian film industry. From the first song ever recorded to the golden era of India music to the more contemporary offerings in the Indian entertainment milieu, Saregama (erstwhile HMV) has not just seen it all but has played a big role in shaping the way films have evolved in India. It is therefore befitting its stature and experience to make yet another bold step in the world of filmmaking with its new studio – Yoodlee Films.

Watch the World of Yoodlee Films,

Yoodlee Films, will produce films that are thought-provoking and engaging; narrating unique socially significant stories that deserve to be seen by the world at large. Primarily targeted at discerning viewers in the age group of 18-30 years, who are exposed to world cinema through the increasing use of digital platforms, these films will cater to the target group’s inherent need to watch strong thematic content.

Driven by the core philosophy of fearless filmmaking, the Studio is committed to bringing to the audience films that tell powerful stories- either inspired by true incidents or celebrated works of world literature. Keeping it real and believable, each film is shot in actual locations, with sync sound to give to the audience the real feel of the milieu that the story is based in.

Starting September 1st, 2017 with the release of their film- Brij Mohan Amar Rahe, Yoodlee Films will release one film every month in theatres with PVR Pictures being their distribution partner. Initially the footprint for theatrical releases will be in bigger towns. The films will also release subsequently on digital platforms as well as TV channels.

The Studio is ready with five films for release, three more in production and another three in different stages of scripting. The films will be in different languages. Of the five ready for release, three are in Hindi, one in English and one bilingual – Tamil & Malayalam.

One of the cornerstones of Yoodlee’s vision is to make their films a truly collaborative effort. In so doing, it offers upfront a profit sharing of 30% to all key stakeholders (director, key crew members, etc.) of every film, thus ensuring that all parties are equally invested in the success of the project.

Vikram Mehra, MD Saregama said: ” With 120,000 songs Saregama has the biggest and best music IP in the country. With Yoodlee Films, we plan to extend this leadership to films business, thus positioning us uniquely to take advantage of the digital entertainment economy”

Siddharth Anand Kumar, VP- Films & Television, Saregama added: “We are looking to create a tidal wave of thematic and real cinema for an audience starved of it. And we are doing this with filmmakers who are unafraid of challenging every norm of commercial cinema. We promise fearless filmmakers complete transparency and respect at every stage of the process. We do this to create a healthy and sustainable environment for such films to be made and viewed in.”

Yoodlee Films : First Five Upcoming Releases

Brij Mohan Amar Rahe

Release date: 1st September, 2017

About the film: A man is sentenced to death for his own murder!

Brijmohan fakes his own death to escape his humdrum life and nagging wife. He gets the money and the girl until the inevitable hand of Karma gets him sentenced to death for his own murder.

Inspired by a true story.

Language : Hindi.

Directed by: Nikhil Bhatt, is an Ad film maker who has also been creative producer on the film Mickey Virus.

Abhi & Anu

Release date: 25th September, 2017

About the film: One secret that could destroy their love…

They fell in love and swore to always be together, until a strange twist of fate reveals them to be more than just lovers. To what extent will they go to protect their love?

Inspired by a true story.

Language : Tamil & Malayalam

Directed by: BR Vijayalaxmi, is a reputed Tamil filmmaker and has the distinction of being Asia’s first woman cinematographer.


About the film: He will do anything for love…

Desire and greed intertwine the lives of a Bollywood star, his chauffeur, a prostitute and her pimp in an unlikely love story.

Inspired by the works of Saadat Hasan Manto.

Language : Hindi.

Directed by: Samit Kakkad, well-known director of Marathi film, Half Ticket.


About the film: A grandmother’s wrath…

When society fails to provide justice for the rape of a nine year old girl, it takes her sixty-five year old fragile arthritic grandmother to take a brutal revenge that will serve a bloody deterrent to all mankind.

Inspired by true events.

Language : Hindi.

Directed by : Devashish Makhija, has also worked on films like Black Friday and Bunty aur Babli.

The Noblemen

About the film: What happens when innocence is pushed into a corner?

A 15 year old boy , struggling with his adolescent years, is terrorized by a gang of bullies in a posh boarding school. This sets forth a chain of events that leads to a loss of life and innocence.

Inspired by William Shakespeare’s A Merchant of Venice.

Language : English.

Director: Vandana Kataria has been production designer on many films, including: Oye Lucky, Lucky Oye! Byomkesh Bakshi and Shanghai. This is her first feature film as a director.