Hrithik Roshan will be performing for the finale act of the opening ceremony at the IPL today. The superstar has started his rehearsals only yesterday. He will be seen performing to a medley of his hit songs from past films. The line up of songs includes Dhoom Machale, Ek Pal Ka Jeena, Baware Baware, Senorita. The superstar, however phenomenal at dancing and performing has been working very hard to perfect his act and make it a treat for all his fans.

It is always a treat to watch Hrithik Roshan perform on stage. The finesse in his performance is unmatchable. His past performances at award shows or at IPL yet get views on Youtube as fans keep going back to them. When we asked Superstar Hrithik Roshan about it, he said, “Yes I can officially confirm that I will be performing for the opening ceremony of IPL. I have already started rehearsing for it. It will be fun to perform in front of a live audience once again”.

His fans on social media are rejoicing the fact that he will be performing for them again soon.