Karan Khandelwal who is currently seen in Ranju Ki Betiyaan on Dangal TV recently fainted on the set while shooting for the daily soap.

Talking about what happened on the sets of Ranju Ki Betiyaan Karan shares, “Well, it’s been a hectic schedule for me as I was shooting for the daily soap as well as this TV show everyday. And then since lockdown has happened, things did get a little better but guess my body was tired. We were shooting an important sequence from a scene and it was an outdoor shoot in the scorching heat. So since I was already weary from the back to back shoots, workouts, I suffered a heatstroke and fainted when I was walking back to my car. Luckily it didn’t happen while shooting otherwise I would have felt really guilty if the shoot would have stalled because of me. I called my friend to come and pick me as I was not feeling well to drive back.”

Karan Khandelwal

“I am better now and it was nothing but the heat that sucked out the energy and I guess a bit of dehydration. I now make sure that I keep myself hydrated and this strict lockdown deadline has helped me get some rest.” Karan Khandelwal added.