In a social media post, Maniesh Paul opts for a whimsical alternative to create awareness about wearing a mask, drawing inspiration from the global action hero Sylvester Stallone.

With the current wave of the pandemic, many celebrities are actively striving to create awareness for the safety protocols against Covid, as well as lending a helping hand to the needy in order to seek necessities.

In his lastest post, Maniesh Paul shared a throwback picture generating caution amongst the fans and followers to wear a mask, however the entertainer opted for his quirky and witty style by quoting Sylvester Stallone alongwith a humorous analogy.

Sharing a picture of himself running, Maniesh Paul said, “Thats me running to my vanity van for the mask when i suddenly realise that its still not over.

One of the most entertaining performers of Indian entertainment industry, Maniesh Paul is using his innate skills to spread the social message in the hour of need as well as putting his vast fanbase to use by seeking and sharing leads on medical facilities across the nation.