Viewers have always showered love on Parth Samthaan as Anurag Basu of Kasautii Zindagii Kay and now people are also appreciating him as Nawab of Main Hero Boll Raha Hu.

Set in 1990s, the story revolves around an ordinary man from Bareilly, Nawab aka Hero (Parth Samthaan) who arrives in Mumbai with some extraordinary dreams of making it big in his life.

In real life also, Parth wants to rule but the heart of his viewers.

Nawab is a power-hungry person, who can manipulate people around him to be in power but in real life, Parth is totally different from his character. Talking more about it, Parth Samthaan reveled, “I don’t want to manipulate people in fact I want to inspire them. Nawab is so confident and he does what he says but I’m totally different from what Nawab is. I like people to love me and I would like to help people around me. I don’t want to be in power.”

“Even on the sets of Kasautii Zindagi Kay, there were 2-3 new artists. When I saw them facing camera for the first time and feeling nervous, I tried to help them. I was the lead of the show and I felt that if everyone gave their 100% only then would the show get love from their viewers.” Parth Samthaan added.

As an actor, Parth loves to surprise his fans with new avatars and exceptional acting skills. The Nawab of Main Hero Boll Raha Hun is also one of those things he chose to play for the actor inside him and for his fans.

But playing Nawab was a big task for Parth. Revealing about it, Parth Samthaan said, ”When  this show and its script came to me, I was feeling awkward because I’m a very reserved, introvert kind of a person and Nawab is completely opposite of what I’m as a Parth. Giving dialogue delivery in his style or in the particular tone of Nawab and standing with overconfidence as Nawab was very difficult for me, especially when he says lines like ‘Main Yaha Pe Kabzaa Karunga’. I had to make sure that I can say it with confidence and conviction so people can connect with my character and get convinced about what he does. That was biggest challenge for me.”

“I took it as challenge and pulled it off. People have given me really good feedback for my looks, that they are loved it .Looking for more feedback. “

Parth Samthaan

Recently, Main Hero Boll Raha Hu was trending on Top five OTT shows in India and Path did his research work by watching Company, Vaastav, Satya, Once Upon a Time in Mumbai styling and swag.

In 90s, there was a lot of underworld involvement in Bollywood, something which has been presented in the show as well. Nowadays, Bollywood is making news for its lobbying. When we asked Parth if he has experienced anything like that, Parth Samthaan said, “I’m very direct and honest. No, I haven’t or I can say, if I have I don’t know about it aisi baate aap ko thode hi pata chalti hai? Yes you know what politics is going on against you. A couple of times, I was almost finalized for a movie and suddenly it was gone and I got to know many reasons for my removal. But I did not get a specific reason, so I don’t know what actually happened. And I don’t want to blame anyone for that saying because of him this happened or that happened. I just wanted to be positive and want to work in movies and good web shows as well as television shows. I will pray to God that I work more and do more good work.”