A major fire engulfed the legendary RK Studio in Chembur, Mumbai on Saturday, destroying iconic memorabilia and costumes of the film.

Tweeting about the tragedy, Rishi Kapoor wrote, “Sad A major fire broke out at RK Studios. We have lost the iconic Stage 1 Thankfully no casualties nor injuries. All your concerns appreciated.” He followed it up by making a shocking revelation, “A Studio can be built again but the loss of the irreplaceable memorabilia and costumes of all RK Films, is tragic for all. Fire took it away”

In a rather strange co-incidence, Unsung Bollywood had recently asked Rishi about the memorabilia at RK Studio during a press meet of Patel Ki Punjabi Shaadi. Rishi was asked why such a rich collection of souvenirs featuring costumes and props of legendary RK Films wasn’t opened to the public, perhaps as a museum.

The Kapoor scion responded, “Whatever is there in RK is our heritage and we don’t want to commercialise it. On the other hand, we want to preserve it in our memories.”

He also added that Kapoors have a reason to do so. Elaborating on the same, Rishi revealed an interesting anecdote. “I don’t want to give any name, but once some reputed international award organiser asked for favour and took two of our belongings from the studio for an award ceremony, but it never came back,” he regretted.

Another reason for not keeping RK Studio open for public or not to giving it for study, according to Rishi, is, “Some of clothes are so old that it is in tatters. And certain stuff are broken too. If someone wants to do research, everything is available online, but my pure intension to preserve whatever I have left.”

The fire at RK Studio was indeed very tragic, and while the structure set can be rebuild, sadly history has gone up in smoke.

– Kajal Gohil Wilben