Television’s lover boy Vivek Dahiya who’s been a fit kid ever since his debut on television with Veera has the superstar Salman Khan to thank for.

An athlete all his life before his acting career, Vivek recalls how Salman’s songs were the driving force while he was growing up, ‘I grew pretty fast and one of the tallest kids in the school, I did play a lot of sports back then so I was tall but skinny. Then came about this revolution with Salman Khan back when we were in school. Every girl I knew was crushing over him and his body.To be honest, I was fascinated with the way girls and boys alike would react when he took off his shirt in O O Jane Jana. I made my mind back then, that I’m going to have a body like him.’

‘But I was too young to start weight training back then. I was still in school. So I collected few bricks from a construction site & hid it in my room and would wait for my parents to leave and I would lift the bricks and train. It clearly wasn’t a good idea and I don’t endorse it. But as I grew up, fitness became a part of my lifestyle and wherever I am in the world, there’s never a day when I don’t workout. It gives me a different high altogether.’