Shraddha Kapoor attended International Children’s Film Festival in Hyderabad hosted by the I & B Ministry this year. The actress who has time and again showcased her fondness for the little one’s took to opportunity of Children’s day to spend some time with the children throughout the day.

Earlier in the day, Shraddha Kapoor visited the municipal school in Prabhadevi and spent quality time, indulging in some origami as well as chit-chatting with them.

Shraddha has often raised her voice for social issues and is indulged in charity from time to time. The actress who has a special place for the less fortunate also supports a social cause wherein she urges everyone to donate food to the lesser privileged.

The actress confessed to being naughty in childhood. Shraddha Kapoor said, “I think its very important to keep the child in every one of us alive and happy. Because everyone has that child in themselves.”

Shraddha Kapoor, “Kids are such joy to be around. This year Children’s day has been truly special to me. I feel so lucky to have gotten this time to spend with them. We get to learn so much from them and from simply being in their company. Their innocence is heartwarming and I really hope I am lucky time and again to keep spending time with as many kids as I can.”

The event also saw Bajrangi Bhaijaan fame Harshali Malhotra singing Shraddha’s song ‘Sun Saathiya’ for her. Shraddha also treated the audience by singing the song for the young actress.