Since one year, the whole world is fighting with the pandemic situation and lot of people are coming forward to help people who are suffering due to Covid. But Sonu Sood is the one name in India who has been on his toes all the time, ready to reach as many as people in need as he possibly can.

Sonu Sood arranged many buses for migrant workers who were walking through roads to reach their states. He also arranged flights for those who were stuck out of India in the pandemic. This was not all, he also helped to pay school fees, provided medical help and become a real life Hero.

Sonu Sood

But now, the People’s hero is himself suffering from Covid. People are wishing his speedy recovery and Sonu Sood’s twitter account is flooded with it.

Sonu Sood’s book – I Am No Messiah

Here are what people have to say about the Messiah Sonu Sood, who says, “I Am No Messiah.”