Shooting for a web show as quirky, crazy and hilarious as SonyLIV’s highly-anticipated ‘Chutzpah’ has resulted in memories and moments that the cast will cherish forever. Actor-writer Gautam Mehra who portrays the role of Kevin – a popular young vlogger in the show, has one interesting anecdote to share.

Interestingly, Gautam used to perform 100 jumps before shooting his part for the web show. Sounds strange, isn’t it? Over to Gautam… “Yes, it’s true!” Gautam reveals, “To get into the character, I used to do 50-100 jumps before I actually went on set. It’s because the character that I portray in the show is a very high-on-energy kind of person. He is always up and about. That was one of the little things I used to do to get into the groove. We used to start shooting early morning and while the shot was getting ready, I used to do jumps to set my heart racing.”

“My character required much deeper preparation. I had to imbibe my character’s psyche and it involved a lot of thinking and acting in front of the camera and rehearse in front of the mirror and understand my character’s body language and expressions. It was a different experience altogether which I will cherish forever,” adds Gautam.

Besides Gautam, the show features Gen-X popular actors like Varun Sharma, Manjot Singh, Tanya Maniktala, Elnaaz Norouzi and Kshitij Chauhan amongst others. ‘Chutzpah’ gives a sneak peak into the digital transformation of human identity in today’s era. Living up to the title, the new-age web show highlights the relevance of internet and social media in everyone’s life, which has caught the fancy of the viewers.